White Pumpkins and Hydrangea for a Fall Master Bedroom

I don’t know about you, but I spend more time in my bedroom than any other room in my home. I get ready for work there, sit on my bed and do work on my laptop and lay in bed and watch television. I do my yoga there. So since I spend so much time there, I always have some seasonal and holiday décor in the master bedroom like I do the rest of the house.  Keeping the master bedroom clean and uncluttered is important to keeping the room calm and soothing, so I continued with my neutral fall décor that I used in the main rooms of my home into the master bedroom.

Lots and lots of dried hydrangea in the bedroom. Maybe too much. Nah, no such thing as too many hydrangea!

Our bedroom furniture was my great grandmother’s. I have had it for more than 30 years. Of course it is older than that.  Over 10 years ago I painted it linen white and distressed it and has held up remarkably well. It’ is hard to find furniture made this well and I am glad that with a little paint and a change of hardware, I could change it into something that works with my style. I use this galvanized bucket throughout the year in my décor. It is perfect for the hydrangea that I cut from our trees and dried to use in my fall décor.

Yep, like I said more hydrangea. I love them, what can I say? The antique box was a recent find at an antique store. It gives a rustic, yet pretty look with the hydrangea. Of course I had to tuck a few in the candle holder too!

  I added a few white and blue pumpkins. Just a touch of fall, but enough to remind me of the loveliness of this season while I spend so much time in this room.

Do you decorate your master bedroom for fall?





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