Valentine’s Day Decor to Warm Your Heart

I don’t know if most people decorate for Valentine’s Day, but I do! I like to take advantage of any holiday that gives me an opportunity to be creative and decorate. Valentine’s Day is no different. In this article, I would like to share some inspiration for Valentine’s Décor to warm your heart. Living in a household of males, I am not sure anyone really appreciates my holiday decorating except for me, but I think it is just fine that I decorate for myself. How about you?

These “LOVE” boxwood topiaries add a simple farmhouse/cottage style to your Valentine’s décor and can be used in so many ways. Each year, I use them in a different way. This year, I put them in this basket and have them in my dining room hutch. I have also used them on my kitchen windowsill and on my entry table.

Last year, I purchased that wooden XOXO and heart signs from Etsy. You could hang these too, if you wanted. I used a rosebud heart topiary that I’ve had forever and placed it on this little metal cupcake stand just to give it more presence. The heart garland was much longer than this, but I cut it down to fit between the two drawer pulls. I hadn’t used this garland in years, but making it shorter allowed me to use it in a way I hadn’t thought of before.

If you read my Christmas and Winter Décor posts, you may remember this centerpiece. All I did for Valentine’s Day was tuck in a few hearts. I have gotten a lot of mileage out of this same centerpiece by just changing it up a little over the past three months.

I couldn’t miss the opportunity to change up my wall gallery for Valentine’s day. These wooden signs are so popular right now, there is no shortage of finding them for every holiday. Valentine’s Day being no different. I almost always have a wreath on the back of my front door. Why not use this space to add more décor into your home. Why should wreaths just be on the outside where we don’t get to look at them?

Ahhh , my tiered tray on my kitchen island. I never get tired of decorating this for the holiday or season. It is really easy to decorate a tiered tray for Valentine’s Day with some inexpensive items. Notice the little latte candle? There are actually two of them. They are so adorable and I found them at Dollar General. I would have bought one for each of my friends, but I got the last two they had.  The bird is from Target. Target has had these birds for every holiday. For $5, why not pick some up? I just bought two cute ones for Spring. The stuffed hearts were from Michaels and the Valentine’s Day faux cupcakes were from Pier One.  I had some faux (doesn’t that sound better than fake?) chocolate covered strawberries that I put in a little red heart shaped bowl that I picked up at HomeGoods. You could use anything red or pink that you might have around your home. Small bowls or vases, little flower arrangements, or candles would work really well.

No, I don’t have two of the same birds, but I just styled this cake plate to give you another idea of how you can take what you have and recreate it for the holiday. If you are a returning reader, you know I love my apothecary jars. All I did with these was tuck in a little heart for Valentine’s Day. I usually fill them with Valentine’s Day candy which looks really cute, but I am on a diet right now and I don’t need any temptations!

I had these red bows on these wreaths for Christmas. I switched them for burlap bows for winter, but brought back the red for Valentine’s Day.

This is probably my favorite Valentine’s Day mantel so far. I used  the same cake stand and candlesticks that I used for my winter mantel, but just styled them with red and pink décor. I love, love, love the red, pink and white felt ball garland. Using garlands and banners is a really easy way to decorate your mantel for any holiday. I have been able to find them at Target, HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls.  A little trick to hanging these garlands and banners- use clear 3M wall hooks. They are barely noticeable and you can place them wherever you need them and when you are done with them, they just peel off.


This little pine tree stays out for the winter. I just added some hearts to the snowball garland I already had on the tree for the winter.

Incorporating stuffed animals into your holiday décor can be a little too cutesy. But when I saw these two felt mice, I knew they were coming home with me. I think they are just perfect, but too many could go all wrong.

Etsy is a great place to find cute pillows and this is where I found this heart pillow. I liked it because of its neutral colors. I will show this pillow to you two ways. This pillow says Valentine’s Day without being over the top. I attached a little wooden heart to this wreath on this shutter for just another simple touch.

The last stop on this heartwarming Valentine’s tour is our master bedroom. Here is that same heart pillow and a simple styled tray to bring a little Valentine’s Day romance into the master bedroom without being overdone.

If you haven’t decorated for Valentine’s Day before, or even if you have, I hope these ideas give you some simple inspiration to bring a little love into your décor for this holiday.