Insanely Simple Chocolate Chip Whip dessert

Chocolate Chip Whip is one of my boys favorite desserts and it is SO simple to make!!

Whenever I make this dessert, everyone loves it. Adults, kids, it doesn’t matter. There are only three ingredients! Yes, you read that right. Three ingredients.

You will need a bowl for milk and a large bowl for the dessert. It doesn’t matter what size, just select a bowl as large as you want to make your dessert. You could use a cake pan as well.



Milk- about half a cup

Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies- (do NOT use reduced fat).  One package. If you are using a large bowl, use the family size)

Cool Whip (or store brand whipped topping)- 16 oz size


Pour about half a cup of milk in a bowl.

Dunk the chocolate chip cookies in the milk one at a time and layer them in your bowl. Do not leave the cookies soak in the milk.  Just a quick dunk in the milk and pull them out getting both sides of the cookie wet with milk.

Spoon a layer of Cool Whip over the layer of dunked cookies.

Repeat this layering process until you have almost reached the top of your bowl.  A layer of Cool Whip should be your top layer.

Crush a handful of chocolate chip cookies in a bowl. Sprinkle them over top the layer of Cool Whip.

That’s it!  You are done.

Refrigerate until ready to serve. Chocolate Chip Whip can be made a day ahead.

I just know that once you make this, it will be a hit and you will get requests for it over and over! Send me a comment if you try this recipe 🙂.