Creative and Functional Uses of a Kitchen Cart

I have been wanting a small kitchen cart for some time now. I don’t have much room where I wanted to put it, so it had to be pretty small and narrow. I also didn’t want to spend alot of money because I tend to tire of things easily. I’ve been looking around and also priced some carts on-line and many of them were more than I wanted to spend. Not long ago, I spotted a cart that I thought was the right size and it was only $60. However, the shelves were dark wood. Not what I wanted, but that didn’t stop me from buying it because I knew I could paint the shelves to match my kitchen. This is what it looked like when I got it.

The shelves simply unscrewed and then I sanded and painted the shelves the same color as my kitchen cabinets and it became the perfect little rolling cart for my kitchen.  I am going to show you three creative and functional uses of a kitchen cart to give you some inspiration for ways you could use a cart in your own kitchen.

Organization Station

Who doesn’t need a little organization in their kitchen? Most of us need a place for the family schedule, mail, reminders, school supplies, etc. I don’t have a desk in my kitchen so I created my own space to keep us organized.  Create your own organization station by stocking your cart with the supplies you need, get a cool basket for your mail, post a memo board above it and there you have it! Instant organization.


 Breakfast Station

Whenever you entertain, it seems you never have enough surface space. Kitchen carts can give you that extra space you need for utensils, beverages, serving plates. etc.   Use your cart as a breakfast station. It is perfect for rolling right outside for breakfast on the deck on a nice day.


Tea Cart

Tea anyone? A tea cart is another perfect use for this kitchen cart. You could use it to display your prettiest teapot and tea cups, but it is functional too.


A cart could be used as a plant stand, a minibar, a beverage station, a craft cart for your kiddos. How about a place to stash your laptop,  your keys, a phone charging station. The ideas are endless. Hopefully these ideas sparked your imagination and you can come up with your own ideas for how to use a cart in your kitchen. Not only is it nice to have some extra space to display things, but they are also very functional. These carts come in many sizes, styles and price points. If you find one that is the right size, but not the right color, don’t be afraid to paint it to fit your decor. I am very happy with my little cart and look forward to its many uses.