Simple and Cozy Decor to get you through the Winter

If you are anything like me, taking down Christmas decorations is always a little bit depressing. For some reason, the house always looks so bare and blah.  I just want to redo the whole house after every Christmas and get all new decor, but that is not possible. So I do my best to use what Christmas décor I can that looks “wintery” so it still feels cozy and not boring. Editing your Christmas décor for the things that will work for winter can be a little tricky. I think eliminating anything with red is a first step. Then look at  what says “Winter” to you. For me, that is evergreens, snowflakes, pine cones, snow, snowmen, and white, off white colors. I keep a lot of evergreen wreaths and garlands out for the winter.

A  throw and a pillow in a comfortable chair makes for a cozy reading corner. An evergreen and eucalyptus wreath hung on this old shutter adds a little seasonal touch.


I kept the same green garlands and pom pom garland on my mantel that I used for Christmas. The candlesticks stayed, but I swapped out the Merry Christmas farmhouse style sign I had over the mantel for this simple evergreen and burlap wreath. I tucked in a few snowflakes for a little more detail.  I wanted to keep a clean and simple winter look so using the white cake plate with the small pine tree wrapped in brown paper worked well.

On the hearth, I kept the same galvanized vase with winter greens and just removed the candy cane picks that I had used for Christmas.

Over the couch, I kept these galvanized wall vases the same as I had them for Christmas, but again removed the candy cane picks that I had used.

We probably spend more time on our couches during the winter than any other time of the year. Swap out some pillows for a fresh look, maybe add a pillow for the season.

If you don’t already have apothecary jars, I recommend you get some. There are so many ways you can use these. I use mine all year long and change them up seasonally. Just putting an evergreen sprig and a pine cone with some faux snow provides another simple wintery look.

I picked up this galvanized cake stand at a gift shop at a local nursery before Christmas and it makes for a cute centerpiece on my kitchen table. I used things I had out for Christmas and collected them together, added a little faux snow and boom, done.  That little bird came from Target. So cute.

These little boxwood wreaths I got from Ballard Designs years ago. I use them at Christmas, but switched out the red bows for burlap bows for the winter. Sometimes I switch them back to the red bows for Valentine’s day. I just love wreaths on the back of chairs and try to use this look for as long as I can.

Who doesn’t love paper whites? Sometimes I actually use the real ones, but this one is fake. I use this in my Christmas décor too, but I keep it out until Spring. I printed off this chalkboard print from the internet and framed it for another wintery detail.

If you saw my Christmas post, you may remember this little tree. It had stockings on it for Christmas, but I removed those and just left the snowball garland. When you remove any signs of Christmas, I think small pines work really well for winter.

I don’t like cluttered kitchen counters, but I do like to use some décor. Using a simple white vase with winter  greens and a few snowflakes and mercury pine cones, gives the kitchen a winter look without looking too cluttered.  The green spray on the pantry door was used at Christmas, but, again, I switched out the red bow for the burlap to match the bows on the wreaths on the chairs and the wreath on the cabinet.

My entry way is always decorated for the season or the holiday. It’s the first impression when you walk in the door. To create this look, I just  moved some things around that I had out for Christmas to decorate this entry table for winter.


I don’t do a whole lot in my dining room. This is always a hard room for me to decorate for winter. I kept the same centerpiece that I put together for Christmas, but I removed the Christmas tree balls that I had tucked in there and replaced them with a couple bird nests. The greenery and the birch candles definitely look like winter.

This small round table is in the hall on my second floor. Again, I used what I had in order to put together a winter vignette using a small pine tree, pines cones and candles. I went a little boho with this new macramé wall hanging. A little out of my usual style, but I still think it works.

Think about what you had out for Christmas that will work for winter. You can keep that cozy festive look going through January and February without feeling like your home has been stripped down bare. Maybe change out your couch pillows, keep some pine trees out, use candles, fill those apothecary jars with some wintery items. Before you know it, you will have put together a cozy look for winter.








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