My Neutral Fall Kitchen

Gosh, I am really struggling to find time to write blog posts these days. I don’t want fall to be over without posting about my fall decor. So I am sitting myself down today and will try to knock out some posts.  I am sharing my pretty, neutral fall decor in my cottage style kitchen. I went with off-whites and muted colors this year and I find I like how it looks with my blue, tan and off-white decor. If you visited before, you know that my kitchen is open to my family room, so I must have a congruent look in these spaces.  I am not one for dark, heavy fall colors and decorating for fall is a bit tricky with blue, tan and off-white colors in your decor. However, I am a huge fan of the orange that home decor blogger Jessica at  Four Generations One Roof uses. She does a great job of incorporating fall color into a room that has blue/green walls.  Visit her webpage to check her out at

This year, I  found a new centerpiece in blues, greens and whites that works perfectly in my kitchen and with my style of decor. I picked this centerpiece up  at TJ Maxx. This pumpkin table runner has all of the colors in my kitchen and family room and I was so excited when I found this at HomeGoods. It is SO pretty. I don’t usually put a table runner on my kitchen table because with two teenage boys, well, let’s just say they are not the neatest at the table. Luckily they sit on the sides of the table where there is no runner.  My dining room plate ware actually works really well with this look and I popped  a pumpkin on top of each place setting for a pretty fall look.

I have three hydrangea trees in my yard and I get a lot of mileage out of them. I absolutely love using dried hydrangea in my decor and I use a lot of them! (Why not? They are free!). I tucked some dried hydrangea in the tray along with some neutral colored pumpkins, some acorns from Michael’s and a little squirrel on top. This just may be my favorite seasonal tiered tray I’ve done so far.

Moving over to my counter, I bought three ceramic acorn canisters from Tuesday Mornings this year and placed them on top of a cake plate from Target.  This is really simple, but I don’t like cluttered counters. They get cluttered enough with real life. The galvanized farm style bucket with greens I picked up at TJ Maxx as well and the little squirrel votive holder came from there as well.

On my windowsill above my sink, I have three white ceramic pumpkins, some lambs ear and more dried hydrangea. It is really hard to get a shot of this. I did the best I could. Simple, but pretty.

I have this little cart in my kitchen, mainly to have some place to keep the mail organized and of the counters, but it gives me another spot to decorate. You can see I used dried hydrangea here too and put them in small galvanized bucket and tucked in another white pumpkin.

While I haven’t used traditional fall colors, I think I managed to use neutral fall colors in my coastal/cottage/modern farmhouse style decor and it still feels like fall.  What do you think?

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