My Summer Flowers- Then and Now

Earlier this summer I did an article on the flowers I picked for this season. . I went a little different than I usually do; selecting annuals that would hold up to weekends of no watering and  a little less maintenance than the flowers I usually select. Admittedly, I was a little hesitant because I tend to look at my potted annuals as little works of art, trying to outdo myself each year. I often use a variety of flowers and colors in one pot, but this summer I went with less variety in color, but used bolder colors.  These are the pictures at the start of the summer and how they look now.

French marigolds and purple salvia

In my original post, I  shared that I was not a big fan of marigolds, but they need little care, can stand up to heat and can tolerate some drought, so I gave them a shot this year. I have to say that I am very happy with how these pots turned out. Aside from deadheading the marigolds, these need very little attention. They filled out really nicely and the I think the purple and yellow look great together.


Impatiens always do well. They are in a fairly shady spot. No fail. Lots of color.



 I hadn’t done vinca for a long time so I tried them again this year. They are also doing really well and ZERO maintenance.



This one I am mixed about. The center flower I have never used before. It has purple flowers and got much bigger than I thought. It is different than flowers I have used in the past. The calibrochoa, however, did not take off as much as they usually do. I am not sure if it is because our summer has been fairly rainy or whether the center plant just dominates over the calibrochoa. I have noticed that when certain annuals are paired together, the one can do really well and the other seems to have stunted growth. Not sure what is happening here. I would not pair these two together again.

Lantana, purple spike

This lantana has really taken off. You have to be prepared for some unruly growth with lantana. It kind of grows every which way. If you like compact, manicured looking flowers, lantana would not be for you. If you like bold color and a lot of growth, you will love lantana. I will definitely use lantana again.

The coleus are also doing really well. They are under the deck in the shade and have had a lot of growth. I haven’t had to pinch off any blooms or leaves  yet to keep its nice shape, but that will be coming soon.

Oh my zinnias. They do what they always do. Good producers of lots of color, but as they grow bigger, stems tend to topple over.

I had not had my new guinea impatiens planted at my front door when I did my original post. Here is what they look like now. I had hoped they would have had more blooms by now. We have had a lot of rain and perhaps that is why they are not doing better.

I told you about our place at the lake where I usually do marigolds because they do well in the direct sun and can go quite some time between watering. As usual, they are doing extraordinarily well this year. I also did lantana at the lake and it is also doing really well.


I threw in this picture of one of our hydrangea trees. I adore these trees and in just a couple weeks, these are going to be in full bloom.

So, overall, I am very pleased with how my choices are doing this year. I am spending less time tending to them. Their bold color makes up for the variety of color I usually have and they are all doing really well. There is a very good chance that I will select the same flowers next summer.





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